Project AMPLIFI’s mission is to create platforms for music and art to inform, inspire and activate community. Beginning in 2008 as an informal grassroots association, and since 2011 as a formalized nonprofit organization, Project AMPLIFI has worked closely with musicians and music industry professionals to create events, experiences, and informational materials to engage and mobilize musicians and the public around issues of social importance. Project AMPLIFI helped to build the capacity of dozens of nonprofit organizations by building a Good Cause Directory that helps musicians and members of the public learn about and connect with issues of interest to them. We have also produced more than a dozen “Music for Good” and Concert & Conversation events, featuring musicians and the causes they are passionate about raising awareness and support for important social initiatives.

In 2016, Project AMPLIFI launched a highly successful Musicians’ Residency to provide experiential education to up-and-coming independent musicians selected through a competitive application process. To understand the greatest challenges that independent musicians face in advancing their music and becoming community leaders, Project AMPLIFI conducted a survey of approximately 80 artists and used the results to design the programing of the Musicians’ Residency.  Project AMPLIFI is also working on a soon to be announced collaborative project to support a vibrant music community in the San Francisco-Bay Area.